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I am a mother, wife, grandma, teacher and artist.  I started making art 30+ years ago, during the ‘painted wood/folk art’ craze.  In 1991 I went back to college (I never used my degree in occupational therapy) to earn a degree in visual art.  I constantly find new mediums and new challenges, like fusing glass and reclaiming barn wood.  My art can be whimsical, clever or serious.  It is always thoughtfully designed, handmade and crafted with care.


I taught elementary art for our local school district for 12 years.  I sought grant funding to purchase and outfit a mobile classroom and I started a non-profit organization, ArtWise, to promote kids’ art and establish an art program for elementary students.


Now I own my own art studio, for teaching and for making my own art work.  My husband often helps me by making stained glass lamp shades for my gourds, or doing carpentry work to 'finish' what I have started.  We've been a great team for over 39 years.


In November '07 I made a commitment to donate 1/2 of the sales of my art to a local charity, the mission for the homeless in our area. It is a way I can use my art to help others.